What We Do

What can we do for you?

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Do you have a great idea for social good, but are having a hard time turning idea into impact?
Are you overwhelmed in the start up phase of your nonprofit or social enterprise?
Do you need guidance on what your next steps should be, or an extra set of hands and brains to make it happen?
You are in the right place! Let us get you closer to your goals now.


We can help your nonprofit or social enterprise with all aspects of organizational planning and management.  Some of the services we currently offer include:

blue founding icon postitFounding:

  • craft your mission & vision
  • articulate your theory of change
  • nail down your business plan
  • advise about the nonprofit incorporation process


yellow leadership icon postit 3Leadership:

  • leadership and board guidance
  • organizational structuring & restructuring
  • advise about ethics & social justice considerations
  • strategic planning


orange money icon postitMoney:

  • fundraising planning and implementation, incl. crowdfunding and grant writing
  • fix your budget (or teach how to write a budget in the first place)
  • advise about fiscal sponsorship


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  • monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects
  • program design


blue messaging icon postitMessaging:

  • marketing/communications planning and implementation, incl. social media
  • basic website setup (WordPress with themes)
  • research your field and competitors


We offer these services not only to startups, but to nonprofits at any stage of development.  If you’re not sure if we offer what you’re looking for, just ask!


How do we work?

We see consulting as capacity-building, collaboration, problem-solving, & empowerment.

Rather than have you rely on our services long-term, we want to make sure you have the tools and knowledge for your work to succeed for years to come.  Working with ReImagine Consulting means mutually learning as well as doing, and your participation is an integral part of the process.  In some cases, we’ll focus more on building up your capacity to empower you to do the work yourself.  In other cases, we’ll do the work for you, but make sure that you understand what we’re doing along the way so you can recreate it and build on it.  In all cases, we’ll work collaboratively with you to problem-solve whatever challenges your organization faces.  And yes, we use a lot of sticky notes in the process.

We primarily work virtually, so most of our collaboration will be online.  We’re currently available for face-to-face meetings in the areas of NYC, Hudson Valley, CT, and Guadalajara Mexico.


Hire us!

Contact us directly to inquire about our rates and availability.  Our fees are charged on a sliding scale.