The Empty Spaces Project:

“Air was able to zero in on our needs quickly, and presented us with clear choices, advice and support. We are now on track to complete our 501c3 incorporation, under our 501c6.  This formation has allowed us to serve our membership in a creative economy and apply for grants to move our project forward.” – Ann Monteiro, Founder & Executive Director



“The work of ReImagine Consulting was a tremendous and valuable help to my start-up. Through their efforts, I was provided with quality and comprehensive strategic guidance around grant-making for my social innovation, Aprencheria. Even more so, ReImagine Consulting provided this assistance with a thoughtfulness, compassion, and great diligence that few, if not any, other consultants are able or willing to provide. As a client, I feel genuinely respected and am honored to have worked with ReImagine Consulting; providing excellent guidance, but also maintaining a great sense of integrity, by committing their skills and resources to empowering community members.” – Marissa A. Gutiérrez-Vicario, Founder & Executive Director


Aurora Global:

“Paulina is a capable and effective professional. During her time working with us she showed strong analytical capacity and outlining. She is very creative and knows how to use their expertise to create new things. A valuable aspect is her ability to develop new processes and plans, as well as think and act strategically “- Natalia Barragán, Aurora Global



“Air is an incredible person to work with. They understood my mission and the roots of my intentions in creating my project, and gave me guidance and constructive criticism to shape my idea. They have a way of providing valuable advice while still allowing you to own your project and embrace your ideas. Air’s diverse background and expertise makes their consulting work very distinctive from other people I’ve worked with. They just have a way of always surprising me with their innovative and outside the box approaches to problem solving. –Paulina Camarena, Founder


Akimbo Connect:

“When my early stage start-up software company was still in its initial project stages, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Air. The level of insight, idea-generation, and guidance that they offered was something that companies at our young stage are rarely afforded. More specifically, they were very helpful in crafting our positioning for social innovation grants and competitions. Air was also able to see new areas of application for our software that have now been realized.” –Adrienne Rochetti, Co-Founder/CEO



“During our initial project design phase Air became our point of contact. They were consistently quick to answer and offer their thoughtful advice. It was so easy to confide in them as they guided us through a competitive process we were not comfortable with. As the project developed they became the first person we would turn to for a variety of topics, from social innovation to organization incorporation. Our relationship has gone beyond the initial project development as they have continued to support us with creative ideas they know or learn about. Air’s positive energy and passion are contagious.” –Cristina Handal, Co-Founder/Designer 


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